Disney World removes Janet Jackson-inspired statue. The 700-pound statue of Mickey Mouse dressed in Janet's ''Rhythm Nation'' getup is the latest casualty of the Super Bowl controversy

At Disney World, they’re still letting Donald Duck walk around without pants, but they’re drawing the line at letting Mickey Mouse dress like Janet Jackson. In the latest ripple from Jackson’s exposed nipple at last month’s Super Bowl, the family-oriented theme park has removed a life-size statue of Mickey dressed à la Janet in her all-black leather outfit from the 1989 ”Rhythm Nation” video. (It was one of 75 700-pound statues of Mickey Mouse unveiled last fall for the Disney mascot’s 75th birthday, including ones inspired by Andre Agassi, Ellen DeGeneres, and Jamie Lee Curtis.) ”Considering all the controversy it drew, we talked it over for a couple of days and decided it would be best to replace hers with a new one,” Disney spokesman Gary Foster told the Orlando Sentinel. Given the plunging décolletage of the gown Curtis wore to the Oscars this week, so low that she appeared in danger of suffering her own Jackson-esque ”wardrobe malfunction,” maybe Disney World should replace that statue as well.