By EW Staff
Updated March 01, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST
Adrien Brody, Charlize Theron, ...
Credit: Adrien Brody and Charlize Theron: Mark J. Terrill/AP

Best Sequel
Charlize Theron
Returning to the podium after last year’s Halle Berry liplock, Adrien Brody told the Best Actress nominees, ”Don’t worry, I’m under a restraining order.” Still, before opening the envelope, he gave his tonsils a conspicuous spritz of breath-freshener spray. By the time Charlize Theron came up and shared a discreet smooch with him, the whole kiss thing seemed like an afterthought. It was overshadowed by Theron’s emotional speech, in which the ”Monster” actress thanked everyone in her native South Africa — plus her mother and her boyfriend (her ”Trapped” costar Stuart Townsend), who were beaming from their seats. ”I’m not going to cry,” she insisted. Now, that’s acting.