By EW Staff
Updated March 01, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST
Oscars 2004
Credit: Blake Edwards: Mark J. Terrill/AP/Wide World

Most Irreverent Acceptance Speech
Blake Edwards
Honorary Oscar winner Blake Edwards made an entrance worthy of Peter Sellers in one of Edwards’ ”Pink Panther” films: A stuntman who looked just like Edwards rode a speeding wheelchair past a podium and crashed through a wall. When the octogenarian director entered and dusted himself off as if he had crashed, he told presenter Jim Carrey, ”Don’t touch my Oscar.” He made a point of thanking his foes as well as his friends, since they inspired him to say, ”I’m steamed, and I’m going to prove you wrong.” Fittingly spoken by the curmudgeon who mercilessly skewered his Hollywood peers in ”S.O.B.”