Ads for Passion supporters

By Raymond Fiore
February 27, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

Mel Gibson may have self-financed his $30 million labor of love The Passion of the Christ (Feb. 25), but his devotees can put their money where their faith is and buy TV ads boosting both the film and its boosters. Christian advertising company faithHighway has posted an online offer (passioncommercial .com): For a fee of up to $1,800, it will produce and place a 30-second spot for use on ”Christian and secular cable” nets. Touted on the website as an outreach program that can ”build a bridge from the theatre to your church,” faithHighway’s ads feature 20 seconds of footage from the film along with a 10-second acknowledgment of the commercial’s sponsor. Gibson’s ICON Productions could not be reached for comment.