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By EW Staff
February 27, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

The fierce feline on the cover of our guide to 2004 left some readers feeling a bit frisky but also elicited plenty of catty remarks (#747/748, Jan. 23/30). ”I don’t know who deserves to be fired more — Catwoman’s costume designer or Halle Berry’s agent, for not recommending she avoid what is sure to be the biggest box office dud of the summer,” writes Shannon T. Nutt of Pittsburgh. ”Garfield looks less cartoonish than the new Catwoman.” Drawing more favorable feedback, however, was our complete guide to the Oscar race, especially our coverage of a specific swashbuckling nominee (#749/750, Feb. 6). ”It’s about time Hollywood realized what a gem Johnny Depp is,” gushes Kathy Murray of Middletown, Md. ”His ability to completely transform into any character is a rare gift these days. It’s just a shame that it’s taken so long for his work to be recognized. I say bring on the Oscar and bring on part 2 of Pirates of the Caribbean!” Depp couldn’t ask for better booty.

Kitty Hawks

Holy bat-gasm, EW! Could your cover picture of Halle Berry have been more provocative? She brings back warm memories of Julie Newmar, the only Catwoman in my book! SHELDON STURGES therealshell@yahoo.com Phoenix

Halle Berry has officially lost it. Catwoman? In her Oscar acceptance speech, Berry alluded to the kinds of barriers she had to break down to get to that point, yet everything she has done since seems to fall back on the very things she was combating. Until she can show her audience that she is willing to put effort into what kind of movies she makes, there is no reason we should pay any attention to what she does. TYLER DOMSKE ewokimplosion@yahoo.com Naperville, Ill.

Let me get this straight: The upcoming Catwoman film completely ignores the wishes of comic-book fans, puts Halle Berry in a ridiculous-looking getup, and is directed by a one-name auteur? I don’t need superpowers to know that Catwoman is going to stink worse than kitty litter. I hope that Warner Bros. wasn’t too fond of the $100 mil they dropped on this upcoming disaster. DON WILLIAMS samuraisupremo@hotmail.com Renton, Wash.

Prize Performances

Please…who the heck is Shohreh Aghdashloo (Cover #749/750)? Any one of your more sophisticated readers knows that Aghdashloo gave one of the most heartrending, honest performances this year, along with the mesmerizing Ben Kingsley. Of course, compared with most of the dreck that rolls out of the studios these days, a class act such as this Iranian actress is a rare find! RUTH CARROLL ruth@wildcelt.com Kensington, Calif.

I loved reading the pre-Oscar ”Complete Guide to the Race” issue! I found Peter Weir’s comment that ”it already is The Lord of the Rings’ year — at least with people who vote with their wallets” hilarious. Those are some serious sour grapes, considering the cast and crew of Rings outdid themselves with the third movie. The Return of the King is spectacular and deserves to win for Best Picture! JACKIE FREYMAN parisrose6@yahoo.com Reisterstown, Md.