M-I-C! See you in the executive suite! K-E-Y! Why? Because we like you!

By Tim Carvell
February 27, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

Michael Eisner looks pained and uncomfortable. Granted, Michael Eisner always looks pained and uncomfortable. But these days he’s got a good excuse: His job could be on the line with Comcast’s proposed takeover of Disney. Here’s our take on who could wear the mouse ears well.

STEPHEN BURKE Comcast exec VP, former Disney exec PROS He got EuroDisney on track. If he can sell Parisians on Big Thunder Mountain, he can do it all! CONS He doesn’t watch TV. But since According to Jim’s unwatchable, that’s okay.

STEVE JOBS Founder-CEO of Apple and Pixar PROS He has a magic touch with animated films… CONS …but running Disney involves theme parks and TV networks. And he’s yet to make movies with characters that aren’t shiny.

PETER CHERNIN President-COO of News Corporation PROS He knows the business. CONS Let’s face it: If the Fox network ran Disneyland, Pluto would dry-hump Snow White at the Main Street parade.

WALT DISNEY Company founder and namesake PROS A name investors know and trust, with close ties to ex-board member/Eisner critic Roy Disney. CONS Urban legends notwithstanding, he is dead. Also, his live-action movies sucked.