By Karyn L. Barr
Updated February 27, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST
Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star: Mark Fellman

Having peaked prior to puberty, Dickie Roberts is a Hollywood has-been. Now a washed-up thirtysomething parking valet, Dickie (played by a seemingly bored David Spade) hires a family to help him belatedly experience a ”normal” childhood, in order to land a crucial comeback role. An original premise, yes, but ex-”SNL” writer Fred Wolf’s script, Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star, suffocates under both the touchy-feely moments and the been-there-seen-that slapstick. EXTRAS The hilarious busload of deleted scenes, outtakes, and minidocs gives this otherwise mediocre DVD a much-needed boost. To quote Dickie, you’d be ”nucking futs” not to check out the extended version of the film’s only memorable highlight: a satirical music video featuring 27 real former child stars — like the Coreys, Leif Garrett, and Barry Williams!

Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star

  • Movie
  • PG-13
  • 99 minutes
  • Sam Weisman