Director cuts Bennifer wedding from ''Jersey Girl.'' Kevin Smith says he's afraid viewers would be distracted by thoughts of the non-couple's real-life non-wedding

By Gary Susman
Updated February 26, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST
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Eons ago, back in the fall of 2002, Kevin Smith gushed that the real-life chemistry between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in his then-shooting ”Jersey Girl” was ”so palpable, you could almost bottle it and sell it as an aphrodisiac.” Today, art is imitating life again, and Smith is snipping from the film a sequence in which the two get married, according to Us Weekly. ”I didn’t know if [it was right] to leave it in,” the magazine quotes the writer-director as saying. ”People might forget they’re watching a picture, like, ‘Wait, didn’t these two NOT get married?”’

For several months, as The Couple Formerly Known as Bennifer endured the disastrous flop of ”Gigli” last summer, the collapse of their planned nuptials last fall, and finally their recent breakup, Smith and Miramax have been downplaying Lopez’s role in the movie, which opens March 26. She registers only around 12 to 15 minutes of screen time in a performance that Miramax is now calling a ”cameo.” Her face is gone from the posters, her name is absent from the movie’s website, she appears only for a couple moments in the trailer, and her camp has said she won’t be making promotional appearances to publicize the movie. ”She’s not the star of the movie and the marketing materials reflect her role in the film,” Miramax publicist Amanda Lundberg told the New York Post.

Jersey Girl

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