Here's what the cast of ''Friends'' is up to this week. Jennifer Aniston serves Brad Pitt a ''naked'' meal, and Matthew Perry starts planning the cast reunion

By Gary Susman
Updated February 25, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST
Jennifer Aniston
Credit: Jennifer Aniston: Danny Feld

GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER? Here’s one of the perks of being a fabulously wealthy TV star: If you’re hankering for a meal from a famous cook, you can place a takeout order for the chef himself, even if he has to schlep 6,000 miles to reach your kitchen. ”Naked Chef” star Jamie Oliver revealed in his online diary this week that he served up such an order in December for Jennifer Aniston. The meal was a surprise dinner for hubby Brad Pitt’s 40th birthday. ”We cooked this amazing tasting menu,” wrote Oliver, who brought his wife and student chef Dennis Duncanson with him from England. ”Dennis had never flown before, and it was great, as I did not tell him who we were cooking for. Even though I loved cooking for Brad and Jennifer, I got just as much pleasure out of seeing how excited Dennis was. Dennis was so funny, as he could not understand that even though you are 35,000 feet above ground you can still have as many Jack Daniels as you please and even a massage if you want!!!” Alas, Oliver did not reveal the birthday menu, but we’re sure it was Atkins-friendly.

‘ALONG’ NIGHT Oliver was reunited with Aniston last week when she went to London for the U.K. premiere of ”Along Came Polly.” Promoting the film, in which she endures some memorably bad dates with Ben Stiller, Aniston recalled some of her own dating debacles. Her worst date ever: ”The guy was trying very hard, and I think he thought it would be charming to take us first to a Japanese massage parlor and start the date off that way. And do a side-by-side massage with two women walking up and down our backs while holding onto ropes,” she said, according to ”I don’t even know why I let myself sit down on the table to begin with…. So I didn’t go to the dinner part. That was pretty much a disaster and I never saw that person again.”

DINNER WITH ‘FRIENDS’ Speaking of dinner plans, Matthew Perry says he and his fellow Friends are already missing each other, even though its been only a month since the series finished taping. At the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday, he told USA Today: ”We’re planning on having a dinner party once a month, because we love each other.” No word on whether Courteney Cox will do all the cooking, as she did on the show, or whether they’ll just fly in Jamie Oliver and his well-lubricated trainee.



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