By Erin Richter
February 20, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST
  • Movie

John C. Holmes’ larger-than-life, ahem, talent turned a scrawny, average-looking guy into a porn superstar. ”The King” was also charming enough to maintain the support of his estranged wife and teen girlfriend (pals themselves, incidentally) throughout the investigation of his involvement in the brutal 1981 slayings of four people in L.A. With so much material, it’s understandable that cowriter-director James Cox overstuffs this violent, drugged-out, virtually sexless love/crime story. Kilmer captivates as the spacey, manipulative Holmes (acquitted of all charges). But Cox’s stylish, Rashomon-influenced bio-drama fails to dig deep inside his conflicted characters and doesn’t measure up to the bigger, Holmes-inspired Boogie Nights. EXTRAS Gruesome LAPD crime-scene video, deleted scenes, and — for those who can’t get enough — a thorough limited-edition doc in which ex — Screw publisher Al Goldstein likens Holmes to a Kennedy.