Surprise! Someone was more obnoxious than Omarosa. And that someone was Tammy, who got the boardroom buh-bye, says Karyn L. Barr

By Karyn L. Barr
Updated February 20, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST
Credit: The Apprentice: Eric Liebowitz
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Surprise! Someone was more obnoxious than Omarosa

Congratulations, Omarosa! You’ve been trumped! This week, I am giving you a reprieve as my most despised apprentice-wannabe and am bestowing the honor of supreme pain-in-the-tush to Tammy, the lippy Seattle stockbroker who just loves, loves, loves to yap her trap.

But don’t worry your pretty, plaster-bruised head, my dear. You still have the knack for irking the crap out me with your high-and-mighty, hypochondriacal, and uber-lazy ways (though you do make for some good TV!). But tonight was your lucky night, Omagrossa (by the way, thank you readers for that oh-so-fitting nickname!), because in tonight’s episode, the two-face twit, a.k.a. Tammy, reigned as the gal I most loved to hate.

Ah, where to start? Well, I guess there’s no better place to begin than the beginning. First, Trump gets the show rolling with a teeny-tiny corporate shakeup. Being that Protégé was two apprentices down, the Donald mandated that the team steal one of Versacorp’s members. Big shocker! The group picked my bet to go all the way, Amy, who is also copier boy Nick’s alleged love interest. (Though that whole story line was SO last week. Maybe because Nick totally grossed producers out by admitting that Amy reminded him of his mom. Note to Nick: Some things are better left unsaid.)

Anyhoo, Trump informed the two groups that they had to negotiate some fixer-uppers in Brooklyn, renovate the dingy digs, and then lease them out. Whichever team makes the most profit wins. Easily said, but not necessarily easily done.

Project managers Katrina and Troy bicker like two sixth graders over who gets what apartment, leading the real estate agent to flip a coin to see which team will win the space with ”hidden potential” and ”old school charm” (as in nasty floors, a stained toilet and an unusable fireplace). Country boy Troy wins the toss, Katrina gets pissed, and subsequently trots off to her team’s undesirable apartment (read: even nastier floors, a scummier toilet, and no fireplace) to start its many renovations.

Now, at this point, the once-seemingly unexciting episode starts to get interesting. And of course, it all begins with Omarosa. Having sustained a head ”injury” from a piece of fallen plaster, the Big O feigns a headache to escape working on any more apartment renovations. Okay, all you O lovers out there, I’ll admit that at first I thought that maybe just maybe, she was really injured and needed a little R&R. After all, it can’t be easy living day and night with these people and the cameras. So I totally was willing to chalk the whole ”I don’t want to work” thing up to stress.

But no, what does Omarosa do? She heads outside to get some fresh air and then somehow ends up playing basketball with a few kids down the street. What the hell?? Could she be any lazier? Could I hate her any more? For a woman who had the audacity to call Heidi ”unprofessional” last week, she has the nerve to bag out on her team with a seriously lame excuse while the supposedly ”unclassy” Heidi works hard for her money despite being told the day before that her mother has colon cancer? ARGH! I cannot stand her! (Omarosa that is, not Heidi.)

Then, cue Tammy. Unlike Omarosa, she has no problem putting her nose to the grindstone and getting her work done. I applaud that. But man oh man, does Tammy need to learn tact! (As if that wasn’t evident enough last week when she endlessly hounded chef Rocco DiSpirito to donate an expensive trip to Tuscany.)

When she wasn’t yelling at the general contractor — who Katrina secured to better their chances of winning — or barking out orders to the carpenters, she was oh-so-blantantly telling her team that there was a high probability that they were going to lose. Wow, talk about a confidence booster?

Then again, maybe the two-face twit has ESP because Versacorp did, in fact, lose. (Protégé rented their renovated apartment for a higher price.)

But despite Tammy’s exasperatingly obnoxious ways, I still ranked Omarosa as my TV nemesis. Well, that was until? the Boardroom. While being grilled by the Donald as to why Versacorp lost, Katrina accused Troy of being ”unethical” with his negotiations. (What he did wrong exactly, I don’t quite get. In fact, I still don’t. But then again, I am a writer, not a businesswoman.)

In spite of Trump’s prodding, Katrina refused to admit that she had been ”duped” by Troy. Ha ha, but Tammy wasn’t! She boldly announced in front of whole boardroom that protégé Troy did indeed dupe Katrina in the apartment negotiations, prompting Protégé to cheer for Tammy’s candor and Versacorp to wonder whose freakin’ team she’s really on?

So it should come of no surprise that project manager Katrina, still wincing from the dagger in her back, chose Tammy (and Bill) to join her in the boardroom for the big decision. And it was indeed Tammy’s loathsome ways that provoked the big D to say, ”You fi-yed!” Cue my dance of joy around the living room. I couldn’t be any happier? well, that is until next week, when, fingers and toes crossed, Omagrossa hopefully gets the boot!

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