The honeymoon ain't over for ''50 First Dates.'' ''Eurotrip'' and ''Mooseport'' won't top Drew and Adam

By Dave Karger
Updated February 20, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST
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Can one of four new movies unseat Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore from the top of the box office charts? Don’t count on it.

After its fantastic $45.1 million over Presidents’ Day weekend, Sandler and Barrymore’s romantic comedy ”50 First Dates” will easily make it two weeks at No. 1, even if the film drops 45 percent from the three-day portion of last weekend to $22 million.

One new release that could earn decent bucks is ”Eurotrip,” a spinoff of the hit Tom Green comedy ”Road Trip” a few years back. With a new director and no-name cast, however, it won’t break any records. Still, an $11 million debut seems likely. Close behind could be ”Welcome to Mooseport,” in which Ray Romano and Gene Hackman square off in a small-town mayoral election. Poor reviews won’t help this campaign, though, and the comedy should earn about $10 million.

Young girls, meanwhile, should head in droves to ”Confessions of a Drama Queen,” a starring vehicle for ”Freaky Friday”’s Lindsey Lohan. Though it doesn’t break any new ground, it should manage a $9 million debut. And either ”Barbershop 2: Back in Business” or ”Miracle” will round out the top five, as each film grosses another $8 million or so.

That means the last new film, Meg Ryan’s boxing drama ”Against the Ropes,” is likely to premiere outside the top five with only around $7 million. After the disappointing performance of ”In the Cut” late last year, the former lighthearted leading lady might find it necessary to ditch the dramas for a while.

50 First Dates

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