Uma and Ethan discuss their split. In separate magazine interviews, Hawke denies infidelity and says he's miserable, while Thurman moves on

By Gary Susman
Updated February 18, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

Ethan Hawke has lost not only wife Uma Thurman, he’s also lost 15 pounds. So he says in an interview in the latest issue of Details magazine, where he describes his current separation and imminent divorce as the ”most agonizing period of my life,” Hawke says.

Hawke says his marriage, which began in 1998 and produced two children, had troubles beyond his alleged fling with 22-year-old model Jen Perzow last summer on the set of his thriller ”Taking Lives” (which opens next month). ”If our problems were that simple, we’d still be together,” he tells Details. By the way, he says, the tabloid stories about him and Perzow were false. ”I have this burning desire to walk up to everybody on the street and say, ‘Hey, by the way, that’s not true.’ But I’ve been feeling like Hester Prynne from ‘The Scarlet Letter.”’ He adds: ”I’m a wreck. I feel like, so, if my forties are where people say it’s really good, then I’m probably going to be suicidal.”

Maybe he could take some attitude advice from his estranged wife. ”My outlook is positive,” says Thurman, the cover girl on the latest issue of InStyle. She’s already reportedly found a new man (hotelier Andre Balazs), and her career is going full speed ahead — she has ”Kill Bill — Vol. 2” coming out in April, and she’s currently shooting the ”Get Shorty” sequel ”Be Cool” with John Travolta. Of the split, she says: ”It’s not fun, but like any great change or trauma or shock or loss, you have to look at things as an opportunity for growth.”