Here's what the cast of ''Friends'' is up to this week. The actors line up post-''Friends'' projects and reportedly grab souvenirs from the set

By Gary Susman
Updated February 18, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

CENTRAL PORK After trading quips with fellow presenter John Mayer at last Sunday’s Grammys, Matthew Perry flew to Sydney, Australia, where he spent two days pitching himself to Chris Noonan for the ”Babe” director’s upcoming movie. ”He wants to be a film actor and he’s been in a few films but nothing that stood out. He really wants a good film role,” Noonan told Australia’s Daily Telegraph. ”He’s a great guy. He read this script and just had to come and pitch himself for it,” added Noonan, who declined to describe the premise of the romantic comedy. (Let’s hope no talking pigs are involved this time.) ”He’s desperate to have the role.”

Noonan apparently has yet to decide whether he’ll cast Perry, but the other Friends are also busy lining up post-”Friends” work. Jennifer Aniston may about to become Martin Scorsese’s boss, according to trade reports that say the ”Gangs of New York” director wants to film the Hollywood remake of ”Infernal Affairs.” Aniston and Brad Pitt bought the remake rights to the Hong Kong hit about cops and gangsters who infiltrate each others’ organizations, with the couple planning to produce the movie and Pitt possibly taking a starring role.

Also putting on her producer’s hat is Lisa Kudrow, whose pilot for a ”Mary Tyler Moore Show”-like workplace comedy, built around recent ”Friends” guest star Aisha Tyler, was picked up Tuesday by CBS. And then there’s Matt LeBlanc. He’s busy developing the spinoff ”Joey,” but he was also the first out of the gate with a post-”Friends” production: his daughter Marina, born to LeBlanc and wife Melissa McKnight on Feb. 8.

CENTRAL PERKS Warner Bros. Television was supposedly going to preserve the ”Friends” set as a museum installation, but that may be difficult if recent British tabloid reports are true. Supposedly, each of the Friends was allowed to take home a souvenir prop after the final taping last month. Aniston reportedly hauled away the leather sofa from Central Perk. Courteney Cox is said to have taken the picture frame hanging on the door of Monica and Chandler’s apartment. LeBlanc and Perry allegedly took home the famous recliners in Joey’s apartment, while Joey’s foosball table supposedly went to David Schwimmer. No word on what Lisa Kudrow might have claimed, but maybe she was able to put Phoebe’s guitar or her massage table to good use.


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