The winners and losers from the 2004 Super Bowl. Who's left standing, who's left sobbing...and how does this affect Britney? Behold the fallout

By Nicholas Fonseca
Updated February 13, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST


JANET JACKSON It’s the Aguilera Era, and Janet knows it. With an album (Damita Jo) out March 30, the 37-year-old dove right into skankier territory and emerged a lightning rod with more attention than she’s had since, well, ever.

TiVo The peekaboob moment is the most replayed in its history. Viewership spiked 180 percent as people paused and replayed live TV to watch the incident again and again. What ever happened to good ol’ Internet porn, folks?

WARDROBE MALFUNCTION REPAIRMEN America’s newest growth industry!


JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE JT had street cred and parental approval. Oops! If he truly wanted to out-Brit his ex, maybe he should’ve goosed Nelly.

CBS First, the Tiffany Network pissed off liberals by refusing to air an anti-Bush ad during the game. Now they’ve pissed off conservatives with gratuitous near-nudity. Les, remember when your biggest problem was The Reagans?

ADVERTISERS With all the attention on the five-second peep show, nobody’s talking about the commercials.


MTV The NFL says it’s ”unlikely” the music net will produce another halftime show. Sure…but which yahoo expected decorum from the channel famous for its tacky live shockers?

THE FCC Chairman Michael Powell could use a weapon of mass distraction to deflect criticism that the FCC’s soft on naughty TV; the Janet/Justin Affair may be just the smoke screen he needs.

BRITNEY SPEARS Must be good to see your ex seared for copying your trend, but when you’re an attention ho, it must be lonely, too.