Jesus of Nazareth (1977, TV)
ROBERT POWELL Jesus of Nazareth (1977, TV) WHAT IT IS Franco Zeffirelli's respectful, thorough, and celebrity-packed — featuring Anne Bancroft, Laurence Olivier, James Earl Jones,…
Credit: Jesus of Nazareth: Kobal Collection

Jesus of Nazareth

Robert Powell: He played Jesus — what’s he done since?

WHAT IT IS Franco Zeffirelli’s respectful, thorough, and celebrity-packed six-hour account of the life and death of Jesus is considered one of the most moving screen portrayals.

COSTARS Anne Bancroft as Mary Magdalene; Laurence Olivier as Nicodemus; James Earl Jones as Balthazar; Stacy Keach as Barabbas; Anthony Quinn as Caiaphas; Rod Steiger as Pilate

HIS CAREER B.C. He was Roger Daltrey’s dead dad in the 1975 rock opera Tommy.

HIS CAREER A.D. You remember him in the Michael Caine thriller Jigsaw Man, don’t you? Don’t you?

FINAL JUDGMENT He’s a TV star in his native England, but Hollywood seems to have forsaken him.

Jesus of Nazareth
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