By Will Hermes
Updated February 13, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

It’s been 10 years since Slant 6 released ”Soda Pop Rip Off” (Dischord), which anticipated the kindred Sleater-Kinney a year before the trio’s debut. Christina Billotte’s newest band (see also Quix*o*tic) is still punk, but it’s a less pugilistic, more retro affair. ”Mama’s Gonna Make Us a Cake” is garage rock that could share a two-port with the White Stripes. But the cover of Etta James’ ”I’ll Dry My Tears” is steel blue old-school heartbreak, and on ”Bumble Bee,” an old LaVern Baker number, Billotte swats an errant lover over a steam-engine chug. Good to know she’s still in the game. FOR THOSE WHO LIKE THEIR PUNK ABSTRACT Check out ”Kila, Kila, Kila” by OOIOO, a.k.a. Yoshimi of Japanese art-noise-drone guerrillas Boredoms.