Here's what the cast of ''Friends'' is up to this week. Jennifer Aniston remakes ''The Graduate'' (sort of), and Matt LeBlanc looks for some new friends

By Gary Susman
February 11, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST
Jennifer Aniston: Danny Feld for NBC
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AMISS FAMILY ROBINSON One word of advice for Jennifer Aniston: plastics. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Aniston signed on last week to shoot a film inspired by ”The Graduate.” In the yet-untitled film, which shoots in April, Aniston will play a woman who discovers her family’s most embarrassing secret: that the Charles Webb novel ”The Graduate” and the classic 1967 movie adapted from it were based on a true story, and that the real-life Mrs. Robinson was her own grandmother.

Aniston would be the second ”Friend” to try to update ”The Graduate” on screen; the dimly recalled 1996 feature ”The Pallbearer,” which was also a gloss on the story, starred the Dustin Hoffman-esque David Schwimmer. As for Aniston’s project, which will mark the directing debut of screenwriter Ted Griffin (”Matchstick Men,” ”Ocean’s Eleven”), we bet Anne Bancroft is available to play the grandma.

PREGNANT PAUSE Though secrecy has been tight on what happens in the May 6, ”Friends” finale, one costar has revealed a not-too-surprising spoiler. Anna Faris, who plays Monica and Chandler’s pregnant surrogate, told USA Today last week, ”I give birth in the first half of the finale.” Faris said she befriended the pregnant-in-real-life Courteney Cox in the weeks before last month’s final taping. ”We talked a lot about her pregnancy,” Faris said. ”She told me she was tired all the time and would get these headaches, but that she was really happy.”

PAL JOEY NBC has similarly kept a lid on details surrounding Matt LeBlanc’s forthcoming ”Joey” spin-off. On Monday, however, posted excerpts from what it said were the casting call sheets circulating in Hollywood, shedding light on who will befriend Joey Tribbiani when the slow-witted soap actor moves to Los Angeles. According to the website, producers are looking to cast three main supporting roles. There’s Gina, an older sister of Joey’s in her late 30s who works as a hairdresser and is ”probably smarter than Joey and blessed with the Tribbiani family’s good looks.” There’s Gina’s son Michael, who’s good-looking as well, who’s smart and geeky (at 21, he’s a grad student at Cal Tech), and who’s ”socially awkward á la Seth Cohen from ‘The O.C.”’ Then there’s Allison, Joey’s new neighbor, an ”intelligent and self-deprecating” woman who’s trapped in a bad marriage, and who seems positioned to be a likely love interest for LeBlanc’s lothario. Or at least they can play foosball together.