Justin: ''shocked and appalled'' by halftime stunt -- He says he thought Janet's bra would be there when he pulled off her top, and he's frustrated that he's being blamed

By Gary Susman
Updated February 05, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST
Justin Timberlake
Credit: Justin Timberlake: WENN/NewsCom
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Justin Timberlake is singing a new tune about his bodice-ripping stunt that exposed Janet Jackson’s pierced nipple to millions of Super Bowl viewers on Sunday. Initially, he’d told ”Access Hollywood”’s Pat O’Brien: ”Hey man, we love giving you all something to talk about.” On Wednesday, however, in an interview with Los Angeles’ KCBS-TV, he said he was ”completely embarrassed” by what happened and said he was ”frustrated” that he was being blamed for the debacle.

Jackson has stated that she and Timberlake came up with the ”costume reveal” on their own, without the knowledge of CBS, halftime concert producer MTV, or the NFL, and she blamed the collapse of her red lace bra for the exposure. On Wednesday, Timberlake said that Jackson and her choreographer came up with the idea of having him ripping off her snap-on bodice, but they didn’t have time to rehearse it before he pulled off the garment, apparently taking her bra with it. ”I mean, I was completely shocked and appalled, and all I could say was, ‘oh my God, oh my God,”” he said.

Timberlake, who groped Kylie Minogue’s rear during a performance on a televised awards show in England last year, insisted that the Super Bowl stunt was ”not my style.” He said he was frustrated that the result offended many, ”including my own family,” and that he was being blamed. ”I don’t feel like I need publicity like this,” he said. ”And I wouldn’t want to be involved with a stunt, especially of this magnitude.”

Timberlake is still scheduled to perform at Sunday’s Grammys, where he’s up for five awards, though Jackson will no longer appear as a presenter. We’re guessing he’ll keep his hands to himself.

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