OutKast's Andre 3000 will join Travolta in ''Get Shorty'' sequel. In a role tailored to him, the ''Hey Ya'' singer will play a rapper in the music-biz satire ''Be Cool''

January 31, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

If this music thing ever falls through, OutKast’s Andre 3000 may be able to fall back on film acting. The hip-hopper, who proved his versatility as a thespian by playing multiple roles at once in the ”Hey Ya” video, will appear opposite John Travolta in ”Be Cool,” the sequel to ”Get Shorty” that begins filming on Monday, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In the satirical film, which sees loan shark-turned-movie producer Chili Palmer (Travolta) try his hand at the music business, the artist formerly known as Andre Benjamin will play the leader of a hip-hop act called the Dub MDs. Not a stretch perhaps, but the part was written specifically for Dre, according to the Reporter. Besides, he’s already in Los Angeles this week anyway for the Grammys, where OutKast will perform and will vie for six trophies.

Dre made his movie debut last year in another satirical look at the intersection of the music industry and the criminal underworld, enjoying a memorable scene in a recording studio in the otherwise forgettable ”Hollywood Homicide.” In ”Be Cool,” his costars will also include Harvey Keitel (as a record promoter), ”Love Don’t Cost a Thing”’s Christina Milian (as an ingenue diva), Cedric the Entertainer, Uma Thurman, The Rock, and ”Shorty” vets Danny DeVito and James Gandolfini. F. Gary Gray (”The Italian Job”) directs.

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