B2K should ''Serve'' up a hit movie at the box office. The recently disbanded R&B group will make their first -- and last -- hit at movie theaters this weekend

By Dave Karger
Updated January 30, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST
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Thanks to the Super Bowl XXXVIII the Panthers and Patriots will take a big bite out of the box office this weekend, which stands to be one of the slowest periods of the year.

Three new films will open wide, most notably “You Got Served,” a hip-hop drama starring the recently-split R&B act B2K. In such a dead weekend, a debut of around $10 million could serve up the No. 1 spot.

Last week’s top two films, Ashton Kutcher’s supernatural thriller “The Butterfly Effect” and the Ben Stiller/Jennifer Aniston comedy “Along Came Polly,” should each see 45 percent drops to about $9 million each.

The week’s two other new entries will struggle to find much of an audience. Scarlett Johansson and Erika Christensen play high school students who to try to steal the SATs in “The Perfect Score,” which could manage an $8 million debut. And Owen Wilson and Morgan Freeman head the ensemble cast of the Hawaii crime caper “The Big Bounce,” whose commercials don’t seem to indicate the faintest presence of a plot. Audience disinterest will result in a $6 million opening. After which point it’ll take a big bounce into oblivion.

Along Came Polly

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