Judge to R. Kelly: Stay away from Jacko. The judge in R. Kelly's pornography case says he can go to the Grammys, but can't talk to Michael Jackson

By Brian Hiatt
Updated January 28, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

R. Kelly and Michael Jackson may have a lot to talk about — like, um, the two songs Kelly wrote for Jacko. But a judge in Kelly’s child pornography case has ordered the singer to stay away from Jackson at next week’s Grammy ceremony, according to the Associated Press. Despite the order, there is no reason to believe that Jackson, who didn’t receive any nominations and who faces child molestation charges, will attend.

Meanwhile, Kelly’s lawyer, Edward Genson, said that Kelly had no intention of talking to Jackson, anyway. ”What’s the difference if someone makes an order not to see someone he didn’t want to see in the first place?” he said, according to AP. In other words, is Kelly telling Jacko to beat it?