By Michael Endelman
Updated March 17, 2020 at 02:42 AM EDT
Punk'd, Ashton Kutcher, ...

Shelve your opinions about Ashton Kutcher’s wigga — frat-boy persona, his romance with Demi Moore, his questionable acting abilities, and recognize this: Punk’d: The Complete First Season is a subversive slice of comic hilarity. It’s not the conceit — the hidden-camera genre is twice as old as Kutcher himself — but the show’s mix of celebrity access and celebrity schadenfreude that perfectly captures the obsessions of our reality-addled zeitgeist. Better yet, hidden among the expertly executed pranks and embarrassing slips (Justin Timberlake nearly cries, Kelly Osbourne cusses out her mother, Stephen Dorff walks out on a check) is a sharp critique of the hollow Hollywood scene. Kutcher is fearless, tempting the stars with free drinks and designer duds, and then exposing their flaws with pranks that aim for the jugular. EXTRAS Deleted scenes and unreleased bits are below average, and the commentary from Kutcher and sidekick Dax Shepard is merely grating.