By EW Staff
Updated January 27, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST
Credit: Devito & Stone: Chris Haston/NB

Michael Douglas had a memorable Golden Globes moment

Michael Douglas Nothing in Michael Douglas’ acceptance speech for his Cecil B. DeMille award was as memorable as the behavior of his former costars who introduced him, Danny DeVito and Sharon Stone. The ”Basic Instinct” actress, who stole the spotlight in a similar way as a presenter at last year’s Globes, made a point of pausing as if to give the audience time to applaud — which they didn’t. DeVito opened his intro, which was full of roast-type remarks that would have been better suited for Douglas’ bachelor party, by noting that he’d known Douglas ”longer than some men’s wives have been alive.” Hmmm, let’s see: DeVito met Douglas in 1968, and Catherine Zeta-Jones was born in 1969. You do the math.