Here are the Sundance Film Festival winners. Low-budget sci-fi thriller ''Primer'' and alt-rock doc ''DIG'' win top prizes

By Gary Susman
January 24, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

For $7,000, you could buy a used car, or you could write, direct, produce, and star in a movie that’ll win the top prize at Sundance. That’s what Shane Carruth did with ”Primer,” a ”Pi”-like time-travel drama that took the Dramatic Grand Jury Prize on Saturday at the film festival in Utah. Carruth’s film also won the Alfred P. Sloan prize, a $20,000 stipend for films with scientific subjects.

The other big winner, for the Documentary Grand Jury Prize, was ”DIG!”, about the rivalry between alt-rock bands the Dandy Warhols and the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Other films that came into the festival with buzz and came out with awards included ”November” (which stars Courteney Cox as a woman who comes unglued when her boyfriend is killed), ”Super Size Me” (Morgan Spurlock’s documentary about his all-McDonald’s diet), ”Maria Full of Grace” (a drama about a pregnant Colombian woman who smuggles drugs in her belly), and ”Down to the Bone” (a drama about a drug addict). The awards recognition may help many of these films get distribution and find their way into theaters by the end of 2004.

Prizes were handed out in a ceremony that was televised on the Sundance Channel and hosted by Zooey Deschanel and Jake Gyllenhaal. A complete list of winners is below.

Dramatic Grand Jury Prize ”Primer”
Documentary Grand Jury Prize ”DIG!”
Dramatic Directing Award ”Down to the Bone”
Documentary Directing Award ”Super Size Me”
Dramatic Excellence in Cinematography Award ”November”
Documentary Excellence in Cinematography Award ”Imelda”
Special Jury Prize for Outstanding Performance Vera Farmiga, ”Down to the Bone”
Special Documentary Jury Prize ”Farmingville”
Special Jury Award in Short Filmmaking (split) ”When the Storm Came;” ”Gowanus, Brooklyn”
Jury Prize in Short Filmmaking (International) ”Tomo”
Online Film Festival Viewers Award (Animation) ”Bathtime at Clerkenwell”
Online Film Festival Viewers Award (Short Subject) ”Wet Dreams, False Images”
Online Film Festival Jury Prize (New Forms) ”The Dawn at My Back”
Freedom of Expression Award ”Repatriation”
Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award Larry Gross, ”We Don’t Live Here Anymore”
Alfred P. Sloan Prize ”Primer”
Dramatic Audience Award ”Maria Full of Grace”
Documentary Audience Award ”Born Into Brothels”
World Cinema Dramatic Audience Award ”Seducing Doctor Lewis”