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January 21, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

‘NOVEMBER’ REIGNS Following in the footsteps of Jennifer Aniston, who earned some artistic credibility by showing off her range in the indie drama ”The Good Girl” at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival, Courteney Cox came to Park City, Utah, over the weekend for the festival screening of her new drama, ”November,” in which she stars as a photographer who comes undone when her boyfriend is killed in a convenience store robbery. The mini-budgeted, digital-video feature (shooting and post-production cost $300,000, or about what Cox earns for every nine minutes of ”Friends”) had its premiere on Saturday at the festival, with Cox, Aniston, and Lisa Kudrow in attendance.

At a press conference, Cox said she’d love to do more indie films that let her stretch as an actress. ”I know I won?t do another sitcom right away or any kind of television series,” she said, referring to the imminent end of ”Friends.” She also said she doesn’t expect her impending motherhood to slow down her career. ”It?s one thing I?ve never done,” she said of child-rearing. ”I don?t know how I feel about any of it, but I have a feeling — I?m a pretty good multitasker — so I have a feeling I?ll strap that little baby on my belly, and we?ll go do the things we need to.”

Cox attended the festival with her husband, six-time Sundance vet David Arquette. (He also acts in a movie in the festival, the crime drama ”Never Die Alone.”) She told The Hollywood Reporter that her husband’s Sundance survival tips had been ”very helpful” — up to a point. ”He didn’t tell me not to wear itchy sweaters,” she said. ”I wish he’d told me that; and not to wear a hat all day because you can’t take it off.”

FEARLESS FACTOR If you had to pick male and female celebrities who epitomized fun and fearlessness over the last year, who would you pick? Colin Farrell and Paris Hilton? Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson? If you were the editor of Cosmopolitan magazine, you’d pick Matthew Perry and Alicia Silverstone. Perry gets the Fun Fearless Male of 2004 citation because, Cosmo editor-in-chief Kate White says in a statement, he’s ”handsome, charming and incredibly talented. Plus, he’s retained his optimism and sense of humor through difficult personal relationships.” As for Fun Fearless Female Silverstone, she’s ”gutsy, talented, and lives life with a vengeance,” White says. “I really respect how committed she is to her beliefs and how she works to improve the world around her.” Silverstone, of course, shares a network with Perry, but it’s not clear that anyone at Cosmo is watching her struggling NBC series. According to the magazine’s statement, the actress ”is currently the lead in Fox’s ‘Miss Match.”’ White had better hope Silverstone doesn’t take that ”with a vengeance” thing too literally.

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