By Michele Romero
Updated January 16, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

Yeah, we know: Winter bites. At least this set of chill tunes doesn’t.

1. THE WIND PJ Harvey Rather than blowing, this howl about a windswept heroine reaches new wuthering heights.

2. IN THE COLD COLD NIGHT The White Stripes Meg wonders where her lover is. Could it be on the set of ”Cold Mountain?”

3. COLD BLOODED OLD TIMES Smog A Southern gothic tale about ”memories that will turn your bones to glass.”

4. FROZEN Madonna She wants to melt your icy heart.

5. FREEZING Nick Lowe The new-wave icon’s appeal to his frosty lover doesn’t get him results, but it lights our fire.

6. SNOWSTORM Galaxie 500 Beginning with a flurry and ending in instrumental blizzardry, it’s a five-minute reverie about watching weather on TV.

7. ICE AGE Joy Division Why didn’t they use this song for that cartoon movie about the mammoth and the rat thingy?