Meet ''The Perfect Score'''s hot young hunk -- Chris Evans talks about cheating, why he didn't sweat the SATs, and saving Kim Basinger

By Liane Bonin
Updated January 15, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST
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Thank goodness for youthful good looks. ”Not Another Teen Movie” star Chris Evans is 22, but he’s returning to high school again for ”The Perfect Score” (opens Jan. 16). As an Ivy League-aspiring senior named Kyle, Evans joins forces with Francesca (Scarlett Johansson, ”Lost in Translation,”), Anna (Erika Christensen, ”Traffic”), and Desmond (Darius Miles, real-life pro basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers) to steal the answers to the SAT. talked to Evans about why his own SAT results didn’t matter, how he pulled off the perfect cheat, and whose butt he whipped on the basketball court — fair and square.

When you got the script for this, didn’t you say ”Not another teen movie!”?
Not really, because Brian [Robbins, the director] had had some success with films in the past, and Erika Christensen and Scarlett Johansson are wonderful actresses. So I thought, hey, any time you can put yourself in the right company, it’s a good move.

Were you one of the only members of the cast old enough to buy beer?
Actually, I think everyone else except Scarlett was 22, 23, 24. But it didn’t matter. At the end of the day, everyone was looking to have a good time and enjoy themselves. There were no egos. It was kind of like summer camp in Vancouver.

So, the movie really begs the question: How did you do on your SATs?
I did okay — 1180 — but I never intended on using it. I had my sights set on acting in high school, so the SAT was not a big deal to me at the time. I was surrounded by people who took it so seriously, but it never really hit home.

Okay, so college wasn’t part of your plan. But did you cheat in high school?
God, yeah. Who didn’t, really? The brilliant thing is, have you seen the new calculators? The really big, enormous ones from Texas TI? You can put dictionaries in those damn things. And it was funny, I’d be taking out my calculator during a history test, and no one would seem to have a problem with it.

You costar with Darius Miles. Ever get him to play hoops?
I even beat him at horse a couple of times! He had a shooting coach with him at all times, so they always had a hoop set up. Brian Robbins is an avid basketball fan, so I think every time they yelled ”cut,” me, Darius, Bryan Greenberg [who plays Kyle’s best friend Matty], and Brian Robbins would run to this hoop and play a game of horse.

Sure you didn’t cheat?
Hey, you can confirm that one with old man Robbins.

Next up you star in ”Cellular” with Kim Basinger. Do you finally get out of high school?
I play your typical college kid, kind of apathetic, kind of lazy, who gets put in a very selfless situation when he’s forced to try to save Kim Basinger’s character. There were a lot of stunts, a lot of screaming, a lot of sweating. After a couple of days of shooting that movie, you definitely feel like you’re earning your paycheck.

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