Eddie Griffin, Paula Jai Parker, ...
Credit: My Baby's Daddy: Marni Grossman

A fairly harmless fertility rite with a skewed if not downright ugly view of women, My Baby’s Daddy puts a multiracial twist on the ”Three Men and a Baby formula” — and births a big litter of bad jokes for every chuckle it manages to squeeze out.

Three roommates (Anthony Anderson, Michael Imperioli, and cowriter Eddie Griffin) live together in endless adolescence, only to see their tree-house idyll shaken by the simultaneous pregnancies of their girlfriends. There follows much poorly paced ”growing up” — sad, really, for guys who look like they’ve seen the backside of 35. As a bonus, ”titty milk” and its magical properties are fetishized to an alarming degree.

My Baby's Daddy
  • Movie
  • 99 minutes