Spalding Gray is reported missing. His wife and family haven't seen the manic-depressive actor and ''Swimming to Cambodia'' monologuist since Saturday

By Gary Susman
Updated January 13, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

Spalding Gray, who has chronicled his adventures as an actor and his own fears and phobias in such monologues as ”Swimming to Cambodia” and ”Gray’s Anatomy,” was reported missing by his wife on Sunday, the New York Times reports. The 62-year-old writer and character actor has a history of depression and suicide attempts and was on medication at the time of his disappearance, police told the Times.

According to the New York Post, Gray’s wife, Kathleen Russo, last saw him Saturday night after he returned to their Manhattan apartment after taking their two children (Forrest, 11, and Theo, 6) to the movies. Gray also has a residence on Long Island, but police told the Post they’d found no evidence that he’d been there.

Gray, whose last major film appearance was in 2001’s ”Kate & Leopold” (before that, he’d acted in projects as varied as ”The Killing Fields,” ”Beaches,” and TV’s ”The Nanny,” as well as the film versions of ”Cambodia” and other monologues), had suffered head injuries in a car accident in June 2001. In September 2002, according to GQ magazine, he made two suicide attempts, jumping off his sailboat and nearly jumping off a bridge before being stopped by police. He sought treatment for his depression, Russo told the Post at the time. ”He’s done everything he possibly can to try to get better,” she said. ”But depression, combined with the head trauma, and the wrong cocktail of antidepressants, and Sept. 11, have been too much for him.”

Older brother Rockwell Gray, an English professor in St. Louis, told the Times on Monday that he’d last seen Gray at Christmas. ”I wouldn’t say he was in a happy state,” Rockwell Gray said. But, ”it wasn’t unusual. He’s been in a fairly depressed condition for some time.”