Everyone seems to want to add to Entertainment Weekly's list of the best movie tearjerkers. Tell us yours

By EW Staff
January 05, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST
Titanic: Merie W. Wallace

Name your all-time favorite tearjerkers

We thought it was safe to say that ”Titanic,” “Ghost,” ”Brian’s Song,” and 47 other movies were among the best tearjerkers of all time. But as the letters started pouring in, it seemed that everybody has a favorite sob story that we missed. So along with our own list of the 15 greatest tearjerkers, we’ve now posted your list of 10 sob-fests that didn’t make our cut for a variety of reasons. And now you can take it even farther. Post your list of favorite weepies here, whether they made our list, the readers list, or nobody’s list but your own.