EW pops some questions to ''Wedding'''s Alyson Hannigan. ''American Pie'' star reminisces as the trilogy's third film hits DVD

By Leah Reisman-Senes
Updated December 29, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST
American Wedding: Vivian Zink

Why do you think the ”American Pie” films strike a chord?
There are characters you really love. By the third movie, when Stifler’s eating dog poop, you can root for him because you love him so much.

Which of your ”American Wedding” castmates were at your real-life wedding in October?
Just January Jones, who played my sister. It was very small, so a lot of people got nixed. Jason Biggs gave me hell for not being invited.

Your favorite moments during filming?
Working with Eugene Levy and Fred Willard, I was in hog heaven. I threatened to kidnap them and put them in my basement and make them teach me everything they know.

The secret to comedy?
I just try to be in the moment and never comment on the fact that it’s funny. If you watch a sitcom on mute, you have no idea when the good actors are telling a joke.