By Mandi BierlyMichelle Kung and Gregory Kirschling
Updated December 19, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST
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MOVIES To hell with another sitcom! Jerry Seinfeld will write, produce, and star in a DreamWorks CGI ‘toon about bees called Bee Movie. ”In the last couple of years, there were a couple of animation projects I had talked to him about,” says DreamWorks king bee Jeffrey Katzenberg. ”Ultimately, he didn’t do them because I think he felt that if he was going to do something like this, he wanted to create it.” Katzenberg promises that the film will carry Seinfeld’s stamp. ”I think he will make an animated movie that is unlike any animated movie ever made before.”… One of the great screen couples is reuniting. We speak of Pulp Fiction’s Uma Thurman and John Travolta, who meet again in the sequel not to Pulp Fiction (darn) but to Get Shorty. It’s called Be Cool. Vincent Vega again plays Chili Palmer; Mia Wallace plays a widow named Edie…. Hope Davis alert! The Deal Report’s favorite actress (American Splendor, duh) will star opposite Nicolas Cage in The Weatherman, a drama about an unhappy Al Roker type and his wife…. The Lizzie McGuire Movie star Hilary Duff will appear in Heart of Summer. In this movie Duff will (1) mourn the death of her brother, (2) train for entree into a swanky L.A. performing arts academy, and (3) dabble in romance.

TELEVISION Ewan McGregor, tell us about your upcoming reality show! ”It’s actually more of a documentary, really,” he says. It’s called Long Way ‘Round, and it will see him motorcycling around the world with his best mate, actor Charley Boorman. No network is attached yet, but McGregor starts looking for adventure and come what may in January.

Be Cool

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