'The Devil and Daniel Webster'

By Missy Schwartz
December 19, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

Nothing like discovering your directorial debut might have been funded by funny money. But dem’s the (alleged) breaks for Alec Baldwin, whose unreleased The Devil and Daniel Webster may never see the light of day. Baldwin, who also stars as a writer at odds with Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Satan, removed his director’s credit after production wrapped in 2001. Though a finished cut exists, Devil has yet to find a domestic distributor. An ongoing FBI bank-fraud investigation into investor Jed Baron (whose lawyer had no comment) isn’t likely to change this. ”It’s not the film that Alec and I envisioned,” says Baldwin’s producing partner, Jon Cornick. ”It was terribly frustrating — we spent a lot of time and effort shooting the movie. But we’ve moved on.” In other words, to hell with this Devil.