By Michael Endelman
Updated December 19, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

Even staunch techno haters will have trouble resisting the ebullient charms of this comp from Wall of Sound. Commemorating the British electronic label’s 10th anniversary, the two-disc set is crammed with memorable hooks and neck-snapping grooves, from the opening keyboard tickles of Royksopp’s ”Eple” through the closer of disc 1, a trip-hop rendition of ”Sweet Child of Mine” by Akasha with Neneh Cherry. Disc 2 is an uninspired, though solid, house-music mix from Wall’s back catalog, so stick to the first CD, on which a decade of U.K. dance-music trends (big beat, retro electro, Afro-house) collide in a messy pileup of unabashed hedonism.