By Will Hermes
December 19, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

Robert Crumb Presents Hot Women Singers


As much artifact as song collection, this is another compilation by famed cartoonist, pervert, and 78-rpm record collector Robert Crumb. Most of the sides date to the ’20s and ’30s and come from places as far-flung as Brazil, Africa, Mexico, and Vietnam. The sound quality is sketchy at points, but the songs paint a vividly romanticized picture of times gone by. And if the hand-lettered and hand-illustrated booklet notes are chatty rather than scholarly, it only makes the thing seem more like what it is — a lovingly packaged mixtape. RE: SAVING THE MUSIC INDUSTRY If record companies want people to continue buying CDs as opposed to dubbing each other’s MP3 libraries, this is exactly the sort of fetish object they should be making more of.

Robert Crumb Presents Hot Women Singers

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