By EW Staff
December 19, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

As the King once crooned, ”You look like an angel…you’re the devil in disguise.” Readers had similarly extreme feelings about cover seraph Britney Spears and her good-girl-gone-bad image (#738, Nov. 21). ”I am tired of hearing about Britney Spears,” says Joseph P. Pintar of New Hartford, N.Y. ”Take away the hype and you have an overrated performer who can’t sing and whines about an old relationship.” Roger Dowd of Trenton, Mich., has other concerns: ”If you are going to continue to make my heart skip a beat with pictures like the one of Britney in spike heels and leather shorts, please include a defibrillator with future issues.” Speaking of resuscitation, Tarzan fans pray the troubled WB show survives. ”To call Tarzan loser of the week was lame,” protests Matthew Pierce of Evansville, Ind. ”It’s in a terrible time slot for a new show. Tarzan has a large, strong fan base, yet the numbers don’t reflect that. The powers that be need to scrap the Nielsens.” All they need is a miracle.

The Sum of All Spears

Shame on you, EW! It’s bad enough that Britney Spears has been shoved in our faces on endless magazine covers and TV shows, but did you have to showcase her as well? Don’t think I didn’t notice that there were no teasers for anything else on the front cover…just Britney and my address label. Nothing to detract from your slobbering devotion to a semitalented singer who just happens to have a hot body. The only thing that saved this issue from the trash bin was the article on a true class act: Katey Sagal. ANNMARIE DANEKER Chicago

I’m not exactly part of the Britney Spears demographic, but I found your cover article interesting. It’s so sad that the people around Britney are trying to make her into the next Cher or Madonna. The obvious thing is to let her become herself, but of course this is impossible given the financial expectations riding on her. What strikes me most is that she seems more the next Marilyn Monroe than anyone else. CAROLINE FALK Hermosa Beach, Calif.

I think it’s really sad that people won’t allow Ms. Spears to grow up and mature as an artist. As a parent, it’s your job to make sure your kids listen to music appropriate for their age level. If you don’t like the direction her music has taken, then don’t allow them to listen. She is an adult now and should be treated like one. Although I wasn’t a fan of her earlier material, I am now In the Zone and loving every minute of it. For every person who is turned off by the older, sexier Britney, there will be someone who is ready to jump on board. LANCE BRAMMER South Point, Ohio

Is it just me or is it really pathetic that Britney Spears has to sell herself as a bad girl? Oh, for the days of no handlers, MTV specials, or rigged club appearances. Perhaps if Miss Spears spent half as much time on her singing ability as she does on her image, she could convince me she’s got any talent at all. LYN CANFIELD Rochester, N.Y.