Dizzee Rascal

By EW Staff
December 19, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

Boy in da Corner

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Just when you figured out how to accurately drop ”fo’ shizzle,” ”crunk,” and ”chickenhead” into casual conversation, here comes Dizzee with a boatload of confounding British hip-hop slang. To assist your decoding of his debut, Boy in da Corner, Dizzee has assembled a mini-dictionary. SCREW FACE (heard on ”Stop Dat”): ”A mean mug or a mean face.”

CHOPPAH (heard on ”Fix Up, Look Sharp”): ”That’s a knife.”

CHAPS (heard on ”I Luv U”): ”You know how a lot of rappers have chains? Chaps are the big fat chain links. Like a big gold bracelet.”

FITNESS INSTRUCTOR (heard on ”2 Far”): ”On the mike I keep it interesting, keep it exciting, keep it moving. Master of ceremonies.”

SKET (heard on ”Jezebel”): ”That’s a jezebel. Like a slut or a ho.”

BATTI (heard on ”Stop Dat”): ”Your bum. Mainly referring to girls, just in case you were wondering.”

BATTERY* (heard on ”Jezebel”): ”To get batteried. You chose a messed-up word. That’s like lineups. Group sex, one girl and a bunch of guys. A gang bang.”

*Caution: extremely sensitive subject matter

Boy in da Corner

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