Mena Suvari will join ''Six Feet Under'' cast. She'll spend six episodes playing an art-school classmate of Claire's

By Gary Susman
Updated December 17, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST
Credit: Mena Suvari:Gregg DeGuire/

The Fisher family of morticians may not need to call the florist for awhile, Mena Suvari, who will surely arrive trailing rose petals in her wake, will guest-star on six episodes of ”Six Feet Under” next season, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Her appearance, as an art-school classmate of Claire Fisher’s (Lauren Ambrose), marks a reunion with ”Six Feet Under” creator Alan Ball, who wrote the cheerleader role in ”American Beauty” that made Suvari famous four years ago.

Describing Suvari’s new character, Ball said, ”She’s very independent, very self-motivated, very edgy and in a lot of ways much more grown-up than she should be considering how young she is. She and Claire influence each other both artistically and personally.”

Suvari, who did a lot of TV guest spots before she was famous, hasn’t done any television since ”American Pie” and ”American Beauty” made her a star in 1999. (Since then, it’s been mostly independent movies like 2003’s ”Spun,” where she played a fuzzy-toothed speed addict, or ”Trauma,” a psychological thriller with Colin Firth that will screen at next month’s Sundance Film Festival.) Ball said he didn’t think she’d want to return to the small screen, but he was pleasantly surprised when she said yes. ”I’m thrilled because Mena is an extraordinarily talented and extraordinary disciplined actress, and I just think she can do anything,” he said. ”In ‘American Beauty,’ that was a very tough role, much tougher than it may seem like on the surface, and in the work I’ve seen her do since, I think she’s got tremendous range.”

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