December 17, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

The ongoing feud between Eminem and hip-hop magazine The Source has gone to court, with Eminem winning the first round. The rapper successfully barred the magazine from sending out 800,000 CDs of his now notorious, racially charged, pre-fame freestyle raps in its February issue, thanks to a federal injunction, New York newspaper Newsday reports.

The Source revealed the inflammatory raps, which are at least a decade old, at a press conference last month. Eminem first dismissed the unreleased tracks as the rantings of a foolish teenager made bitter by his breakup with an African-American girlfriend. Later, he apologized for their content, while continuing to dis rapper and Source cofounder Raymond ”Benzino” Scott for allegedly using his magazine’s bully pulpit to light a fire under his own rap career at Eminem’s expense.

Even though it may feel so empty without Eminem, the February issue will still go on sale Jan. 12, Source exec Tracii McGregor told Newsday. Meanwhile, she said, the magazine’s lawyers are mulling an appeal. ”The bottom line is that the truth needs to get out,” McGregor said of Eminem, his lawyers, and his label, Interscope. ”They are doing everything in their power to stop this from getting out. What they really need to do is step up and take the blame.”

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