Jack White may face charges in fistfight. The White Stripes leader got in a brawl with the frontman of another Detroit rock group

By Brian Hiatt
Updated December 15, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

Turns out it doesn’t take a seven-nation army to hold back Jack White; it just takes the frontman of another Detroit garage-rock band. White Stripes frontman White may face misdemeanor charges after getting in a bar brawl with Jason Stollsteimer, leader of the less-famous band The Von Bondies. In a police report (posted on thesmokinggun.com), Stollsteimer said that he refused to talk to White when the Stripes singer approached him in a club. At that point, Stollmeister alleges, White ”became enraged” and attacked him, pushing him to the floor and repeatedly punching him in his right eye.

Stollmeister suffered a bloody nose and facial bruising in the incident, according to the police report. Meanwhile, White — who coproduced the Von Bondies’ debut album — said in his own police report that it was Stollsteimer who attacked him without provocation, forcing White to defend himself.

White told Britain’s New Musical Express in September that he was upset with the Von Bondies. “I produced that band, got them a record deal,” he said. ”Detroit is such a great family and they’re kind of a sore thumb. I don’t speak to them. When you get burned constantly, there’s no point in forgiveness any more… They’ve really lost their minds. [Stollsteimer] has really gone off the deep end — he’s very mean-spirited.” Stollsteimer, meanwhile, told NME in October that reports of a feud were unfounded. Sure — and Biggie and Tupac were pals too.