Pop princesses throw some shade

By Nancy Miller
Updated December 12, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

The original gangsta wars may be over now that Jay-Z has retired his grudge against Nas, but the skanksta wars have just begun: Pop divas Pink, Christina Aguilera, and Britney Spears have been baring their claws along with their belly buttons. Pink dismissed Aguilera (”Certain people are leaders, other people are followers”). Aguilera dissed Pink (”When has Pink not been copying me?”) and called Spears ”teenybopper trash.” And Spears whined to Diane Sawyer about Xtina and others (we paraphrase): How come they get to dress all ho, but it’s a ”big deal when I do it?”

Why are pop’s princesses acting all Biggie and Tupac? Perhaps they’ve learned from their hip-hop predecessors that a li’l hatin’ is a good way to up the profile (ask 50 Cent and Ja Rule). ”I had to go picking fights to get that excitement,” Jay-Z admitted about his beef with Nas. For now, Pink’s getting the last word. A bonus track on her new album, Try This, accuses a female artist of being ”Nothing but a hooker, selling your f — -ing soul.” Though she won’t name names, a rep for Pink says cryptically, ”Explaining a song is like interpreting a painting…could be one person…could be many.” So we’re guessing Pink’s favorite piece of art must be Andrew Wyeth’s Christina’s World.