Woman sues Schwarzenegger for libel. Rhonda Miller claims Schwarzenegger's campaign smeared her after she accused him of groping her

By Brian Hiatt
December 06, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

A woman who claimed Arnold Schwarzenegger sexually harassed her sued the California governor for libel on Monday, alleging that his underlings falsely smeared her as a convicted felon, according to the Associated Press. Rhonda Miller, a stunt woman who claims that Schwarzenegger groped her on the sets of ”Terminator 2: Judgment Day” and ”True Lies,” says that national networks called her a felon after the Schwarzenegger campaign gave out inaccurate information, the wire service.

Miller, who says that she’s never even been arrested, claims that the campaign told reporters to look up her name on the Los Angeles Superior Court website — which brought up the criminal record of another Rhonda Miller, with a lengthy criminal history. ”They destroyed her life for one day’s advantage,” Miller’s lawyer, Paul Hoffman, told AP. Schwarzenegger’s lawyer, Marty Singer, told the Associated Press that Miller was merely seeking publicity, and that he believed the lawsuit would be dismissed.

Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger’s spokesperson said Tuesday that he is dropping plans to launch his own investigation into sexual harrassment charges against him. ”The governor has concluded that given the political nature of the allegations, an investigation would only be ridiculed by his political opponents and provide little opportunity to put this issue to rest,” spokesperson Rob Stutzman said, according to AP. The same spokesperson had announced Schwarzenneger’s plans to investigate himself just after California’s gubernatorial election in October.