Check out ''The Kids in the Hall'''s first season on video -- Now that they aren't so young anymore, the former stars of the HBO sketch show look back to its beginnings

By Josh Wolk
December 06, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST
The Kids in the Hall: Everett Collection

The Kids in the Hall

In the 1989 first season of the classic HBO sketch show ”The Kids in the Hall,” ”we looked like children,” member Dave Foley, now 40, tells EW. ”Our name looked appropriate then, instead of vaguely sad, as it does now.”

The Canadian quintet?s first 20 wrinkle-free episodes are compiled, uncut, in The Kids in the Hall: Season One (4 discs, 8 hrs., 20 mins., Broadway Video), available now through and hitting stores in April. For a mini-history lesson, the package also includes a 40-minute doc and rough footage of their early Toronto stage shows. ”I’m amazed at my incompetency,” says Scott Thompson about watching his fledgling performances again. ”I kept saying ‘Why did they keep me?”’

Might this chummy reunion lead to a new movie? Foley says it’s a possibility, but it’s more ”a question of whether anyone else wants us to do one. Or whether there’s active opposition. We could be making our movie in Guantánamo.”

The Kids in the Hall

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