By EW Staff
Updated December 05, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST
Naomie Harris: Neil Wilder/CPI/K2

Naomie Harris ranks among 2003’s top breakouts

As ”28 Days Later”’s fearless Selena, the 27-year-old Cambridge grad proved posh-accented Brits can dust the undead just as well as any ole Buffy. And in British TV’s ”White Teeth,” her joyous Clara made buckteeth and nappy hair beautiful. Next she’ll play a Bahamian cop chasing Pierce Brosnan in ”After the Sunset,” an action flick that’s ”kind of like a sequel to ‘The Thomas Crown Affair.”’ So how does hunk hunting suit her? ”I’m rather inept at it, actually. I get to rescue him, though, which is very exciting.” And a heck of a lot more glamorous than slaying rabid, red-eyed zombies.