By EW Staff
Updated December 05, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

Free at last! Keanu Reeves finally broke away from the Matrix with Revolutions, but fans of our enigmatic cover man (#736, Nov. 7) don’t want him to disappear anytime soon. ”Thank you for the exxxxcellent article on Keanu Reeves and for the hauntingly mysterious cover photo by Robert Maxwell,” cheers Jodi Taylor of Grand Terrace, Calif. ”There is a caution and a sadness in those deep, dark eyes that pulls at the heart.” Another featured performer receiving raves: Ed Harris. ”Few actors can get me to watch a movie just because they’re in it,” attests Sharmian White of Woodbridge, Va. ”Ed Harris is a treasure.” As is Sarah McLachlan, according to listeners undeterred by David Browne’s B — review. ”There are people who will buy a Sarah McLachlan CD, regardless of what reviewers have to say,” notes Mary Lee Boyance of Rutherford, Tenn. ”We know to expect beautiful songs with intelligent, thoughtful lyricssongs like those on Afterglow.” Guess that leaves us in the dark.

Secret ‘Matrix’ Man

Once i was able to stop looking at the sexiest of your cover photos, I came to realize that I must congratulate you on your best story yet. It was the one article to avoid the usual round of critical blows. Instead, Scott Brown chose to portray Reeves’ humble nature, talent, and ability to overcome tragedy, from his efforts to help his sisteras well as others with cancerto the fact that he handed over part of his salary to the hardworking Matrix crew. Thank you for exposing Reeves for the rare icon that he is. JUSTINE COSTANZA New York City

I wanted to commend you on the Keanu Reeves article. It’s nice to see him receive acknowledgment as an established actor and recognition for the depth of his personal character. An additional thank-you for the cover…need I say more? KRYSTAL PETTY Cedar Park, Tex.

After reading ”The Man Who Would Be Keanu,” I have to say I was a bit disturbed not to see 1995’S A Walk in the Clouds mentioned. Keanu did some of his best work in this very romantic movie (complete with a Spanish serenade and a late-night butterfly ”dance”), and it is one of his most underrated. BRANDI LEE Trumann, Ark.

My reaction to the cover line ”Matrix Revolutions: What You Need to Know Before the Big Finish”? I need to know when this movie will be on cable. After the bomb that was The Matrix Reloaded, there’s no way I’m paying to see this movie at a theater. GILBERT LOPEZ San Francisco

That’s Harris-y

My roommate held up the Ed Harris article (”Deconstructing Harris”) and I damn near choked on my string cheese. Thank you for doing a piece on this unbelievably talentedand still amazingly sexyman. AMY ROSSI Chapel Hill, N.C.

How disheartening to read that Ed Harris addresses the challenge of ”playing a gay man” as a frightening undertaking and attempted to do it by utilizing a ”really fey voice.” Here I was thinking he was one of the more enlightened people working in the film industry. My mistake. JOHN ARTALE Pittsburgh