Nicole Richie plans musical debut. Lionel's daughter and Paris Hilton's ''Simple Life'' costar wants to make an ''edgy'' album and sing on Broadway

By Gary Susman
Updated December 03, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

Just because Nicole Richie is better known for being Paris Hilton’s similarly weathly party pal — and now, her reality-show costar on Fox’s ”The Simple Life” — doesn’t mean she lacks ambition or a work ethic. In fact, Lionel’s daughter tells MTV News, she’s been working on a pop album for a while, since well before her TV show launched this week. She’d also like to sing on Broadway in the rock musical ”Rent.”

Richie, 22, says her music is ”kind of edgy,” comparing it to the music of Christina Aguilera or Fiona Apple. She says she’s been in and out of recording studios but does not want to rush an album into stores just to capitalize on her current TV fame. ”The reason it’s taking so long is because I’m really trying to figure out where I want to go with it, because I play piano, violin and cello and I think it would be a waste to just put an album out and be like, ‘OK, my show is out and here’s my album and here I am,”’ she tells MTV. ”That’s just so dumb. And I want to take my time on it and kind of incorporate all the training I’ve had in my past on it and make it my own.” Nor does she want to exploit her family ties; asked if she’d collaborate with her hitmaking dad, she says, ”No, no, no, no. That’s so dumb.”

Richie reportedly auditioned for the role of Maureen in ”Rent” in New York last week, even though she admits to never actually having seen the Tony-winning musical. Her ”Simple Life” costar has also said she plans to record an album. Don’t know what Paris Hilton’s music would sound like, but we bet the video will be very popular.