November 28, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

News + Notes

15 ELF BEATS NEO What’ll Will Ferrell do with his new clout?…Paris Hilton’s Simple plan…Style Sheet: Victoria’s secrets…Hot Sheet…Monitor.


32 WAR + PEACE Lauded for his work but slammed for his politics, Sean Penn talks about moviemaking, middle age, and Iraq. BY KEN TUCKER

42 BRAVE NEW GWYNETH Her life has hit a turning point — and with Sylvia her career arc may be headed back up. BY KAREN VALBY

47 THE YEAR OF LIVING Anxiously ABC to Jimmy Kimmel Live: Happy birthday. Now about that show… BY LYNETTE RICE

52 CRY FREEDOM: THE 50 GREATEST TEARJERKERS In the mood for a good cinematic weepfest? Our films — including classics like An Affair to Remember and surprises like The Sixth Sense — are guaranteed to tap your tear ducts.

82 LONE STAR Onetime cowhand and Terms of Endearment scribe Larry McMurtry reinvented Westerns with the epic Lonesome Dove. BY MARY KAYE SCHILLING


95 THE MUST LIST Ten great things to see/hear/read.

97 MOVIES Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat; also Gothika, The Missing, The Barbarian Invasions, Bad Santa, and Anything but Love. Plus: Ask the Critic.

105 DVD & VIDEO X2; also Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The King of Queens, and The Dark Crystal. Plus: Bruce Almighty and My Big Fat Greek Life.

109 TELEVISION Angels in America; also Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel. Plus: The O.C.’s new girl; What to Watch.

121 MUSIC Jay-Z’s The Black Album; also Nelly Furtado, Kid Rock, Missy Elliott, Madonna, Rage Against the Machine, Puddle of Mudd, Ryan Adams, Enrique Iglesias, Corey Harris, and Talking Heads. Plus: A whole lotta shakin’ in ”Hey Ya.”

128 BOOKS Clive Cussler’s Trojan Odyssey; also Patrick McCabe, Colleen McCullough, Sid Caesar with Eddy Friedfeld, John Marks, Peter Bart, Paul Auster, and Matthew Sharpe.

133 PERSONAL TECH Four digital-friendly gadgets that’ll ring your bells.

12 Mail Jon Stewart; Toby Keith.

136 The Pop of King Stephen King on whether movies matter, part 2.

ON THE COVER Sean Penn photographed for EW by Jeff Riedel in Marin County, Calif., on Nov. 3, 2003

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