November 28, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

OUT ON A LEASH: EXPLORING THE NATURE OF REALITY AND LOVE Actress-turned-author drools over her pet terrier, Terry. Doghouse When not hurling against windows or chewing on shoes, Terry chills out at MacLaine’s New Mexico ranch. On Her Owner ”My Mistress Mother can be so serious sometimes. She thinks too much…. On the bright side, [she] does call me Twinklebutt, Sparklefeet, and Honeyhunk.” Paws for Thought MacLaine: ”[Terry’s] thoughts as they come to me are not articulated in English, put in a purer, more direct form, in a language I call ‘humananimal.”’

THROW ME A BONE: 50 HEALTHY, CANINE TASTE-TESTED RECIPES FOR SNACKS, MEALS, AND TREATS Welsh springer spaniel-turned-author drools over canine cuisine. Doghouse When not swimming or eating plastic, Cooper chills out at home with author Susan Orlean (”The Orchid Thief”). On His Owner She’s ”an excellent typist” and ”a very good dog-food cook.” Paws for Thought ”Even though I would really rather be chasing squirrels and rolling in something that smells kind of strange, I felt I owed this book to my pals, both canine and human…”

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