By Dalton Ross
November 28, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST
The King of Queens: Tony Esparza

The CBS working-class comedy has blossomed into perhaps the funniest program on the air. As with a lot of great TV shows, you expect to see some growing pains when revisiting the debut season, but outside of a few extraneous characters (blink and you’ll miss Carrie’s freeloading sister, Sara, who thankfully disappears after a few episodes), The King of Queens: 1st Season is pretty much comedic royalty from the get-go. EXTRAS A pilot commentary track informs us that Leah Remini didn’t like her makeup. (Scandal!) Better is the ”Just Havin’ Fun” featurette, in which Kevin James explains how NBC passed on the show because they thought the characters were ”too dumb.” Who’s stupid now?